2023 Yestingsmeier Cup: Final Results

2023 Yestingsmeier Cup: Final Results
October 16, 2023 Yestingsmeier Cup

Final results for the 2023 Yestingsmeier Cup are in and Indianapolis managed a “come from behind” tie to retain the Cup for 2023. Several matches extended to 17 and even 18 holes before being decided; a testament to the competitiveness of the players and the seriousness with which they take winning the Cup. For 2023, the Yestingsmeier Cup also featured its first ever hole-in-one by Michaela Headlee of Indianapolis!


Thank you to Evansville Country Club for hosting the 2023 Yestingsmeier Cup. Full results are available on the 2023 Teams & Results page.

Hole-in-one by Michaela Headlee of Indianapolis at the 2023 Yestingsmeier Cup.