2020 Indianapolis Team Announcement

2020 Indianapolis Team Announcement
October 1, 2020 Yestingsmeier Cup

The 2020 Indianapolis Yestingsmeier Cup Team is now complete and is as below. Congratulations to all players on their selection!


Coaches: Bryan Crouch, Peyton Short

Girls 12-14

Lexi Ray

Ava Bunker

Girls 14-16

Caroline Whallon

Sophia Stutz

Maura Guilfoy

Lanie DeHaven

Girls 16-19

Ava Ray

Lucy Quigley

Liv Parramore

Ellie Bleavins

Meg Fosnot

Rebecca Williams

Boys 12-14

Nils Erkmanis

Andrew Wall

Boys 14-16

Derek Tabor

Owen Sander

Lane Zedrick

Brady Schier

Alternate–Sam Hord

Boys 16-19

Drew Wrightson

Colin Nasser

Kash Bellar

Drew Todd

Camron Jones

Drew Rowen